Bridal Buns

From Traditional to Contemporary hairstyles that compliment Bridal requests, this course demonstrates how to manage and handle different hair types to create impressive hairstyles. Incorporating hairpieces, decorative plaiting, and accessorising, you can start to create styles that are your unique signature styles.

Each module has been specially designed to ensure that you will gain all the necessary skills and knowledge to get started in this industry.

This course is combined with extensive practical, theory, hands-on demonstrations, and actual practice in the academy learning the latest techniques, using the finest salon products, and becoming familiar with the most advanced processes.

Students are encouraged to express their creativity within the course(s) producing exceptional skills, whilst being continuously assessed.

J. Kang Beauty Academy offers aftercare and advice.

This Course is Practical Based

Product knowledge, Face Shapes, tools of the trade (brushes etc) at the end of this course you will be able to confidently do all of these styles taught and provide you clients with the perfect style for any occasion.

This Course is Practical based, you will be given step by step demonstration (s) of each Hair style, which you will then do the same style on your Tuition Head/ Model.

At the end of the Course you will be examined on each style independently, using all the correct utensils.

Course Syllabus

-Essential Kit Management
-Pins and Uses
-Personal Hygiene-
-Engagement, Registry, Bridal Buns
-Head Anatomy
-Hair Type
-Back Combing
-Hair Extensions used to enhance Style
-Use of Gels and Hairspray
-Use of Hair Straightners
-Use of Curling Tongs
-Tiara Setting
-Dupatta Setting
-Hair Styles
-Knowledge Test

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