LipoGenie Inch Loss

LipoGenie Inch Loss

The LipoGenie provides a truly non-invasive body contouring system

  • There is absolutely no cell damage – low level laser does not heat or burn
  • The LipoGenie bathes the fat cells in low level red laser light
  • This stimulates a biochemical cellular action called ‘lipolysis’
  • Lipolysis is a natural bodily process prompted when the body needs to tap stored energy
  • This action prompted by the laser light used has two key effects:
  • It breaks down the triglycerides in the fat cells
  • It changes the permeability of the cell walls
  • This enables the cells to release their fatty contents
  • The empty cells then shrink back to a smaller size
  • The lymphatic system carries the fatty contents away
  • The volume of targeted fat tissue and body measurements are therefore reduced
  • Exercise is encouraged because it further aids the lymphatic drainage
  • This accelerates the visibility of the inch-loss results and client satisfaction
  • Results can be maintained with healthy diet and exercise

Joggy ur soooo the BOMB!!! I’m so recommending my girls here. Awesome service and u know ur stuff can’t wait to see the ending results

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