Makeup Masterclass 1-1 Training

Makeup Masterclass 1-1 Training

Joggy has created a specialised one-to-one Master Class for Intensive Makeup Training.

The Master Class is designed exclusively for Make-Up Artists who want to perfect their Makeup, highlighting their strengths and overcoming any weaknesses or concerns.

We will ensure that the objective of this 1-1 Master Class is personalised to your training requirements focusing on your development. This is a full Day 1-1 consultation and assessment with Joggy at her studio in Northampton

You will be given 1-1 training of three to five looks of your choice using Advanced makeup techniques and application skills You will be taught by Joggy from start to completion of each look, going through step-by-step application and techniques to create the perfect finish.

You will then recreate the same look(s) that you have been taught, whilst being continually assessed.

This is a 2 Days Master Class

This course is combined with extensive practical, hands-on demonstrations and actual practice within the academy, learning the latest techniques, using the finest salon products, and becoming competent with the most advanced processes. Students are encouraged to express their creativity within the course(s) producing exceptional skills, whilst being continuously assessed.

Finally, you will be presented with an Accredited BABTAC Certification from J. Kang Beauty Academy.


Focussed, private, and detailed makeup techniques Personalised Intensive lesson plan as per consultation and your requirements
This Day is for you to master your techniques.

Course Syllabus

-Bespoke Personalised Lesson plan – 1 -1 with Joggy

-Consultation – discuss your concerns and key focus areas

-Step by Step make up application

-Mirror looks created by Joggy

-Continuous assessment and feedback

-Perfecting detailed Make up techniques

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