Catwalk Make Up Masterclass

Catwalk Make-Up Masterclass

Asiana Live Catwalk 2 Day Make-up Masterclass

Discover the Art of Catwalk Make- Up – You’re just a brush stroke away to perfection.

This course will set you on your path to that fabulous career you’ve dreamed about!

This 2 Days Master Class has been specially designed to ensure that you will gain all the necessary skills and knowledge working behind the scenes creating looks for the Catwalk. You will be working through to ensure the following:

-Timelines, (time management)
-Working as a team
-Following Instructions set to ensure effective creativity
-Creating looks within the guidelines of the Moad board for the Catwalk.

Once enrolled in the course, Joggy will demonstrate the art of effective Catwalk Make-Up, which you will then reinvent whilst, being continuously assessed.

This is a 2 Days Master Class

Combined with extensive practical, hands-on demonstrations and actual practice.  On  Day 2 you will be creating looks backstage for the live Catwalk, (a real eye-opener).

Upon successfully completing this Master Class you will have an in-depth knowledge of applying Catwalk Makeup in a Professional manner. Finally, you will be presented with an Accredited BABTAC Certification.

You will learn the latest techniques, becoming familiar with the most advanced processes.

Students are encouraged to express their creativity within the Master Class producing exceptional skills, whilst being continuously assessed.

Course Syllabus

Make – Up

Rules & Hygiene
Makeup Hygiene
Professional Makeup Brushes & Products

Skin Preparation

Skin Preparation – Cleanse & Tone
Corrective Make-up – Shading & Sculpting Features

The Perfect foundation

The Perfect foundation – Foundation Types & Application Powder – Loose & Pressed Powders
Blusher – Blushers, Contouring & Highlighting

Eye Make-up

Eye Make-up – Eye Shadow, Pencil / Liquid Eyeliner, Mascaras Eye Shadow Techniques 1-5 Colour blending
Eyebrow Shaping


Eyeliner; Liquid, Kohl Pencil

False Eyelash Application


Lips – Lipsticks, Lip Glosses & Lipliners.

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